Nine Flawed Sapphires

From the journal of Kasuga Zenko, 1167 the month of the Horse:
Our aid has been requested by Tansaku Mia, a displaced and distant member of the Scorpion in Muluk. Her “employer” was given a jeweled necklace by her husband, but the nine sapphires in the necklace were fakes. Rather than shame her husband, the wife has hired Tansaku Mia to ruin the jeweler, one Yodfah. After a few months surreptiously in his employ, Tansaku Mia has learned that he has a secret lair outside of the city of Muluk, near the Sakina Falls, and that sequestered there is a log that details all of his illicit dealings. Should this log be delivered to the local authorities, Yodfeh would be ruined. Tansaku Mia has hired the ensemble to retrieve this book.

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Nine Flawed Sapphires

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