Destiny in the Desert

A Couple of Djinn

From the journal of Kasuga Zenko, 1167 the month of the Horse:
My companions have been hired by the Tower of the Moon, and one Haroushin, a priest/professor there, to help him locate the the ruins of Al-Anwhar, the fabled city that is the “ancestor” of our current location of Muluk. As I understand it, the have already encountered two djinnn; the first, Ynadin, has terrorized the countryside with a vexing riddle; the second, Achmed, is known for his extravagent boasts. I trust that my companions have fared well through their travels thus far.

Al-Humza Feras Mumedin’s Log 10

Hida Kisada’s Log 10

Kagehisa Holo’s Log 10

Rafiki’s Log 10

Raya’s Log 10

Togashi Konyo’s Log 10


JSun JSun

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