Outside the Emerald Empire lies the Burning Sands, a vast desert full of incredible danger but the most wonderful of opportunities. Long feared by the samurai of Rokugan, the clans are only now beginning to suspect that their destiny lies indelibly linked to that of the great desert. Some of the clans, most notably the Unicorn, the Scorpion, the Mantis, and the Tortoise, have some interaction with the gaijin of the desert; will such dishonorable conduct ultimately save the Empire?

In the heart of the desert lies Medinaat al-Salaam, the Jewel of the Desert. Seen by so many as the center of the world, all the nations surrounding the desert desire the Jewel. Her history is mired in treachery and tragedy, but ever she rises over the desert sands, always triumphant.

Destiny has brought the samurai of Rokugan together with a select band from the desert nations together. To what purpose? And to what end?

This game will use the Legend of the Five Rings and the Legend of the Burning Sands 3rd edition rules. All books in that series are available for the players to read with the following exceptions:
The Legend of the Burning Sands – Only chapters 1 & 2 may be read by all players. Some players may be given permission to read additional passages.
The Vacant Throne – This book is off limits to all players to read.
Books from 1st, 2nd, and 4th edition will not be considered for this game.
*At this point, Masters of the Court and Fealty & Freedom are also off limits.

This game will use a number of modules adapted from the AD&D campaign setting Al-Qadim and from the Middle-Earth Role-Playing Game. Players should consider all books from these settings off limits as well.

Destiny in the Desert

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